4 Ways Your Contractor Can Use Natural Stones in your Yard

Ways Your Contractor Can Use Natural Stones in your Yard

It’s a natural hit. Work with your contractor and see how you can use rocks in to make your outdoor living space beautiful and safe.

1. Rock Walls To Protect. A stone wall can do just about everything. It can be high or low. A stone wall can protect your landscape from soil erosion. If you have a garden, that stone garden wall can protect your veggies from being stepped on for becoming dinner from unwanted animals. A stone wall can be productive – doing a job that needs doing, but don’t forget that a stone wall can be beautiful. Work with your contractor to find the stones that define the look you want from rustic to almost elegant!

2. Heat It Up With Rocks. Outdoor fireplaces or a fire pit make a wonderful – and warm – centerpiece for entertaining friends or family. They can also keep you cozy when you enjoy the peace of a solitary cup of coffee on a cool or cold night. Natural stone is the perfect materia for functionality and beauty. You want to make sure that any element that includes fire is properly installed for years of enjoyment and safety!

3. Walk It, Drive It. Forget that slippery gravel or that unattractive blacktop. Stone walkways and driveways are easier to negotiate on foot or in the vehicle. Plus, they look wonderful. Rather than standing out as an unnatural element (have you ever seen a cement or blacktop road occurring inn nature?), a stone walkway or driveway is a wonderful, inviting natural invitation of come on in!

4. Open Things Up And Define Them. A stone area with that fire pit becomes an outdoor living room. Remember, stones and flagstone can be flat to form the perfect platform. Likewise, a low stone wall can highlight an area of plantings or grass. Natural stone hardscaping can do it all – define different areas in your yard without closing them in. They provide the perfect look for an absolutely amazing use of outdoor space.

To get the perfect look you want, you’ll want to hire a professional – moving rocks, especially big ones and placing them in exactly the right place isn’t easy. Your contractor will work with a hardscape supplier who will help with all the logistics of how to deliver the stones – and boulders – to make the installation smooth and give you the natural beauty you want surrounding your home.