4 Ways for 50+ Women to Turn Back the Clock

Ways for 50+ Women to Turn Back the Clock

You want to look as young as you feel. You know that there are procedures that can help give you a more youthful look. Here are 4 that are great for women who have reached their 50s or beyond.

1. Volumize. As you age your cheeks lose volume and that may accentuate your jowls. That’s really not the look you want. Fillers plump. They can be used for lifting cheeks, jawlines, and temples. The can give you fuller lips. They smooth lines by restoring volume. There are a variety of choices for fillers and you want to work with an expert who will choose the right filler for your problem area. Always ask to see before and after photos so you can see how the treatment has worked for others and get a good idea of the results you can expect.

2. Collagen Boosters. These are fillers that not only can reduce wrinkles and restore fullness to areas like smile lines, medium to deep facial wrinkles, marionette lines, nasolabial folds and, even, chin wrinkles. Injected deep in the dermal layer, they keep working by encouraging the production of more collagen to reinforce the structure of your skin for a more youthful appearance. Often, these injections will give the best results through a series of injections.

3. Neurotoxin Injections. The most well-known of these is Botox. A filler plumbs to get rid of lines, a neurotoxin softens lines by paralyzing the muscle in areas like your forehead. Since the muscles cannot contract, the wrinkles soften and relax. It is most often used for forehead lines, crow’s fee and frown lines. Again, you want an expert to administer the treatment so you don’t get a “dead” fact look.

4. Lasers. Laser treatments come in different strengths. They can offer more aggressive treatment for wrinkles or they can be used to even your skin tone while the increase collagen production. They are a tool that can help make you look fresher and more youthful. Lasers can improve your overall skin texture. Factional lasers resurface aging skin and reduce downtime. Your expert can describe the different lasers and the different results to help you choose the right treatment for you and your face.

You can turn back the clock with the help of the experts. Today’s medical spas can offer you a variety of treatments. They are your experts – they work with the procedures every day. Arrangea consultation to discuss your options. You’re going to love the way you look today even when you’ve left your 40s — and maybe your 50s — behind.