4 Tips from Successful Beauty Franchise Owners

Tips from Successful Beauty Franchise Owners

If you’re thinking of a franchise, there are many to explore in the beauty line. From man-pleasing nail locations (yep, they’re getting their nails done, too) to massage to glamorous eyelashes and much more! Think proprietary or medical grade skin care products – and, of course, lasers and peels to reveal a glowing complexion. Here are 4 things to consider when you consider a beautiful franchise.

1. Make it Special. Beauty is about pampering the customer. Investigate franchise opportunities with an eye of the ambience they create for their customers through careful interior planning and decorating. Then, look closely at the corporate culture and how they want their customers treated. Pet Lindsey, president of franchising for Sports Clips, sums it up saying that to excel franchises must “provide exceptional value, a memorable experience and execute at a very high level demonstrating care for the client.”

2. Consider the Value. It is expected that average disposable incomes will grow. Forecasters see this as a foundation for growth in the beauty field. But, don’t forget that you are in a competitive field and need to offer value. It’s an important part of success. Allan Share, president of the Day Spa Association, points out the “millions of Americans are now experiencing massage and spa who might otherwise not have done so because of the lower price points offered by franchises.”

3. Be Multigenerational. “Mothers are the one who are in the salon the most, so it’s as simple as having fliers out advertising teen specials for graduation, prom, parties, and other occasions,” says Doreen Bloch, the founder of Poshly Inc. Whether it’s a dad taking a son for a manly haircut or a mother arranging for makeup or eyelash extensions before her daughter’s walk down the aisle, there are opportunities for beauty franchisers to reach out across generations.

4. Plan to Meet YOUR Needs. Franchises come in many different shapes and sizes. You’re in the driver’s seat. Want to immerse yourself in a new experience? Look at franchises that want hands-on owners. Want to be an absentee owner who lets a manager and staff do the heavy lifting? Those franchises are available, too. “What originally attracted me to the franchise concept was that I was at a crossroads in my life and wanted a change from a ‘real’ job to something that had more flexibility and ownership,” said Brandon Latham, a BodyBrite franchise owner.

The beauty business category includes many choices so find the one that’s right for you. And, remember, you have important people to help you make the best decision – the franchisees of the franchises that interest you. Be sure to talk to them or, better, spend a day in their location. Learn about the business from someone who knows it inside and out. It will help you find the right franchise and get off to a strong start.